Bio and Background

The short of it: I’m a Business Reporter with 5 years’ experience covering startups, biopharma, and finance in San Diego, California. I currently work as the Senior Writer for Endpoints News, an independent news organization that covers the business of scientific R&D for a global audience. Before that, I spent nearly 4 years as the Startup & Biotech Reporter at the San Diego Business Journal.


As the Senior Writer at Endpoints News, I cover the lengthy and complicated process of bringing medicines from concept to bedside. I write about how pharmaceutical companies spend their R&D budgets, the ups and downs of their research projects, the navigation of regulatory red tape, and the commercial launch of the few programs that rise to the top.

My job is to make inside baseball more accessible to a wider life science audience that includes researchers, executives, financial analysts, and stock traders.

Founded by a longtime industry journalist John Carroll, Endpoints recruited me as their first outside hire in 2017.

Before Endpoints, I worked at San Diego Business Journal covering the region’s startup economy as well as the life science industries (pharmaceuticals, biotech, medtech, genomics, etc.). I frequently covered financial topics including venture capital, mergers and acquisitions, and IPO trends.

After two years reporting on science and tech, I saw an opportunity to dive deeper into San Diego’s startup economy. To my editors, I pitched a new section of the journal dedicated entirely to startups and entrepreneurship, and later became the lead on this project. The new segment, launched June 2016 as the “Startup Page,” was designed to stand out from the rest of the publication. It was such a hit that the entire publication underwent a redesign to adopt its layout.

One year after the Startup Page launched, the section won an award from the Association of Area Business Publishers. In the national competition, the Startup Page took Silver for “Best Recurring Feature” in the large newspaper category.

The creation of startup coverage altered my job title from “Healthcare Reporter” to “Biotech & Startup Reporter.”

Outside of work, I love exploring new places, borrowing books I will never return, and learning about film, cooking, philosophy and economic theory from the wise vloggers of YouTube.