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TECH CLIP: Can S.D. Prosper Without a Unicorn?

Lede: “People in the local startup community like to talk about a few big topics on a regular basis: raising money, finding talent, and San Diego’s inhospitable habitat for breeding unicorns.

The unicorn topic in particular repeatedly surfaces in interviews and startup events. When asked the question, “What does San Diego’s startup economy need to thrive?” The collective response from tech founders is deafening: San Diego needs a unicorn.”


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THE STARTUP PAGE: A New Beat is Born

After two years in the startup trenches as the Biotech Reporter at San Diego Business Journal, I saw an opportunity to dive deeper into the local startup scene. I pitched a new section of the journal dedicated entirely to startups and entrepreneurship, and later became the lead on this project. The new segment, launched June 2016 as “The Startup Page,” was designed to stand out from the rest of the publication. It was such a hit with subscribers (and advertisers) that the entire publication underwent a redesign to mimic its layout.

The Startup Page also introduced our publication to the Gen X and Millennial generations in San Diego, two subsets of the local population that were previously outside of SDBJ’s core readership.

The creation of this page altered my job title from “Healthcare Reporter” to “Biotech & Startup Reporter.”