RETAIL CLIP: Blenders blows up: How this 31-year-old Pacific Beach surfer makes millions selling sunglasses

Lede: Chase Fisher looks like your typical Pacific Beach bro. The 31-year-old surfer is tanned and freckled, his hair gelled back to give that permanent ocean-wet vibe. With bright-colored shades slung around his neck, he looks more like a DJ than a retail entrepreneur.

But Fisher is the sole owner of Blenders, a rapidly growing sunglass company whose brand has recently exploded online. The retailer plays up its roots in San Diego, pulling inspiration from the local lifestyle to influence its design and branding. People around the world are buying sunglasses he’s named after local neighborhoods. The North Park Collection — a series of glasses that sports a classic, rounded rim — is a customer favorite.

Although Blenders has been around since 2011, the company’s popularity has recently hit a fever pitch. In 2016, the company brought in $1.3 million in sales. This year, Fisher expects the company to hit $45 million.


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